SUPERMARKET – Stockholm Independent Art Fair is an international art fair for artist-run spaces, created and managed by artists. Only artist-run galleries and similar artists’ initiatives exhibit, and the focus is on the meeting between audience, art and artists from around the world as much as the exhibition itself. With its clear mission and programme for networking meetings, Supermarket has become a unique platform for Swedish and international artists.

Press viewing and Professional Preview 3 April. Open to the public 4–7 April 2019.

Supermarket takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Exhibition with hundreds of artists, approximately 50 artist-run spaces from 25 countries.

The programme includes the seminar series SUPERMARKET TALKS, an art performance programme, the networking/knowledge exchange meetings programme SUPERMARKET MEETINGS, the PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING PARTICIPANTS programme, and much more. Since 2011 the catalogue is combined with the annual Supermarket Art Magazine.